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Travel: payment performance under PSD2

In Part one of our series on payment performance drivers in the travel and tourism sector, we discussed the 2023 trends in terms of payment journey.

Tranchard Roxane/ 25 November 2022
Reading time : 2 minutes


Payment expert talk: iGaming trends, 2023 perspectives

While the COVID-19 crisis has sparked a new e-commerce era and an unprecedented growth of the online sector, it has had major ramifications on the...

Tranchard Roxane/ 07 November 2022
Reading time : 5 minutes


Smart Retry in the PSD2 era: what is it?

Managing customer authentication when paying online was a process that e-retailers had direct control over before the Payment Services Directive 2...

Tranchard Roxane/ 27 October 2022
Reading time : 3 minutes


What you need to know about the German iGaming regulations

As of July 1, 2021, Germany became a regulated iGaming nation. To ease the transition from the grey market to the regulated one, the regulator is...

Tranchard Roxane/ 06 September 2022
Reading time : 2 minutes