How did M. Moustache accelerate its mobile performance?

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M. Moustache

The singular shoe brand M. Moustache was created in 2012 by three school friends. Only available online at the beginning, the products can now be admired in their four physical shops located in France.

Our partnership

Customer experience has always been at the heart of M. Moustache's strategy. It is therefore natural that the team only choose tools that meet the same standards.

According to Samira Hoummiri, the brand's Head of Digital, PayPlug is "the most suitable solution for the shop's needs, at the best price. It perfectly meets our expectations: a modern, customisable and user-friendly payment solution, but also designed to optimise the customer's experience on all channel".

Since the installation of PayPlug, the mobile sales of M. Moustache's shop have increased from 15% to 45% in only 6 months! Samira attributes this success to "the responsive checkout page as well as the fact that the numeric keypad is automatically triggered on mobile. Both contribute to a better payment experience for our customers".

On a daily basis, Samira relies on the payment history exports to analyse the evolution of the shop's sales: volume of transactions per medium, reasons for payment failures... nothing escapes her. Thanks to these information, Samira can manage her business with great precision.

I would describe PayPlug as a dedicated, efficient and scalable solution.

Samira Hoummiri
Head of Digital of M. Moustache

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