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Nicolas Alziari

Nicolas Alziari house produces and distributes olive oil and grocery items in about twenty countries as well as online, on

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After they bought the last olive oil mill in Nice to the Alziari-Nègre family, the Piot family became mill producer as well as distributor and started to sell products in two points of sales in Nice, in 1990. Year after year, the brand became a reference in its sector and increased its reputation both across Europe and the rest of the world.

The online shop became a new point of sales in 2005. "We have chosen Magento, a very complete e-commerce platform : everything that is possible to do in e-commerce can be done with Magento!"  Vincent Piot, the CEO of the shop, found out about PayPlug in 2017. "For the fun story, I learned about PayPlug while I was asking for the umpteenth time to our previous payment solution to improve their way too complex interface."

The first reason why Vincent Piot chose PayPlug is the appearance of the payment page. "It is simple, but it makes the difference! I am certain that the payment experience is far more reassuring and plaisant than that offered by our previous solution." The team is thrilled that the website remains in its own universe until the very last step of the client order.

The second reason why PayPlug is Vincent Piot's preferred payment solution is the possibility to send payment requests. "If I see that a customer is not able to pay after several tries, I call him and help him finalise its order by phone by sending him a payment request. This is both convenient and simple for the customer as he can chose to receive the link by e-mail or SMS." The shop also uses payment requests with distributors. "Number of them prefer to pay by card."

Finally, Vincent particularly appreciates to monitor 3-D Secure himself via our PayPlug module on Magento. "Before using PayPlug, I had to ask my web agency to do it for me, which I had to pay for." Thanks to PayPlug, Vincent chooses the amount of the order from which the 3-D secure is activated : on all transactions or the ones above 100,00€. He can also activate the Smart 3-D Secure, that is to say accept the automatic release of the 3-D Secure, depending on the level of risk anticipated by PayPlug algorithm.

To sum up PayPlug in 3 words, I would say simple, smooth and efficient.

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Vincent Piot

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