PCI DSS Level 1 in version 3.2.1 : recertified annually

Cyril Blondel
Posted on 12 September 2019 by Cyril Blondel
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The omnichannel payment solution Dalenys holds the PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider certification since its launch in 2012. This certification was just renewed in version 3.2.1, for e-commerce and in-store payments. This is the result of several months of audit, dedicated to assess the solution compliance with new requirements of the PCI DSS standards.

This new 3.2.1 version clarifies several points and increases once again security obligations, in particular for payment service providers: read PCI SCC article to discover these changes in detail.

Dalenys’s pro-active approach to these requirements is the key to stay at the cutting-edge of new security standards. Payment data protection is written in Dalenys’s DNA. Our core security expertise protects all merchant’s payment operations and their turnover.

This approach, together with the performance of our platform, guarantees optimised financial and data management, so that merchants can focus on their core business only.

With a single platform for all in-store, online and mobile collections, Dalenys is more than ever a leading player. Dalenys offers complete control over financial flows and a 360 ° view of all incoming payments thanks to, among other things, the Natixis Payment ecosystem (BPCE Group), which is generating new structuring synergies.

Interested in our omnichannel platform and anti-fraud tools? Our experts answer all your questions: hello@dalenys.com

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