Unless the Payplug website in question states otherwise, Payplug websites do not use cookies or other log-in information for purposes other than those detailed in this policy. By visiting our websites, you therefore accept that the appropriate cookies are deposited on your equipment.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files deposited on your equipment in order to improve the ergonomics of our sites by producing a personalised experience for our visitors; to evaluate the performance and relevance of our communication campaigns by producing usage statistics; and, finally, to reduce risks and prevent fraud.

What cookies do we use and why?

Some cookies are essential cookies that are strictly necessary for the implementation of certain functionalities of our websites, such as, for example, the cookies necessary to secure a given area. Other cookies are functional cookies that are used to provide a personalised browsing experience to the visitor. These include, for example, cookies that allow us to remember the user's language and time zone; cookies that allow us to implement quality or security measures that allow us to redirect the user to a geographically close environment; or to detect attempts to bypass authentication mechanisms.

We also use audience measurement cookies that anonymously collect information about visitors to our corporate sites. These cookies collect information for statistical analysis purposes only and are not necessary for the operation of our websites: providers such as Matomo or other third-party providers are used to understand and analyse the effectiveness of our promotional and marketing campaigns – for example, the number of page views following a marketing event or a social networking campaign.

How to manage your cookies

Most browsers automatically accept cookies and allow the user to decide whether or not to accept cookies through a control or preference system.

For more information on the available options for you to set your browser preferences or to block, manage or filter cookies, we invite you to consult the site  “” or the following guides:

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Please note that some features of our websites may, in rare cases, be impaired or function incorrectly if you choose not to accept the deposit of some of our cookies.