Finish your customer interactions with a sale.

That’s what we like to call conversational commerce.

An additional sales channel

Whether you sell your products online or in-store, you engage in daily conversations with your customers. Each interaction presents the opportunity to close a sale.


Did you know that you can share payment links with your customers via email, SMS or even place them on your invoices? You don't necessarily need an e-commerce site or a payment terminal to collect sales!

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Payment links: have the edge on your competition

Whether you’re communicating with your customers over the phone, or via e-mail, text, WhatsApp, or Messenger, conclude your sale by sending a payment link, which will redirect your customer to a secure payment page. Easy, quicky and secure. what else would you need?

You just need to “request a payment” from your PayPlug account and provide some simple information before submitting. 60 seconds and you’re done!

They can pay for their shopping without having to go through your online store or your physical store (if you have one.) They just need a phone or a computer!

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A payment link integrated into invoices

We offer integrations with your ERP : you can include a payment link on your quote or invoice before sending it to your customer.


The user will just have to click on the link from his phone or email to be redirected to a secure payment page. It’s as easy as A, B, C!

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Track payments in real-time

  • Set the payment page display (integrated or redirected);
  • Track the status of your online payments, and understand the reason for payment failures.
  • You can also export accounting reports quickly, in your preferred format, as well as bank transfer requests, receiving them the next day! 
Support that meets your high expectations

We have a Paris-based team that is fully committed to making sure you’re happy at all times: to date, we have helped more than 10,000 vendors with their business projects.


At 51, our Net Promoter Score (Customer Satisfaction) is one of the highest in the market! 


Got a question? Visit our FAQ page or send us a message - we’re here and we speak your language! 

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Familiar with our e-commerce offering?

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