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  • Custom payment page
  • Email / SMS payments
  • Recover failed payments
  • Smart 3-D Secure
  • No merchant account needed
  • 2.5% + 0.25€


From 5,000€ in monthly sales
  • All Starter features, plus:
  • Your own account manager
  • One-click payments
  • Automated transfers
  • Multi-users access
  • Custom pricing

Why us?

Most online payment providers are not e-commerce experts.

We are. Our tools were created to maximize your conversion rates.

Most payment solutions are not purposefully designed to optimize their client’s shopping experience.

We are. PayPlug’s solution is 100% responsive, allowing a frictionless buying process for your customers.

Most solutions redirect the customers away from your site to an external payment page, creating a feeling of insecurity for your clients.

We don't. We help you build trust by keeping your customers in the same universe until completing the transaction.

Most payment providers offer traditional antifraud systems, which as well as blocking fraudsters also block the clients.

We do better. We have developed Smart 3-D Secure that cuts fraud in half and increases completed sales by 8%.

Most payment solutions will charge you hidden fees for installation, activation, support, etc.

We don't. Because unexpected fees are never a good surprise.

Can I try the solution for free?

Yes. Creating a PayPlug account is free and does not commit you to our service in any way.

Do I need a merchant account?

No. You can sign up and start accepting payments straight away without needing a merchant account.

Are there any PayPlug plugins?

Yes. We have different modules for the main CMS platforms: PrestaShop, Magento, WooCommerce...

How do you compare to your competitors?

Our core belief is based on simplicity, allowing us to focus on the essentials.

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2.5% + 0.25€


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Integration and plugins    
E-commerce plugins Question ?
REST API & librairies
Payment via CB, Visa & Mastercard
International and business cards Question ?
Email / SMS payments Question ?
Payments buttons Question ?
One-click paymentsQuestion ?  
Payment page    
Customization interfaceQuestion ?
Integrated payment page (lightbox)Question ?
Integrated payment form
100% responsive payment page
Customizable 3-D SecureQuestion ?
Smart 3-D Secure Question ?  
Management tools    
Comprehensive portal
Accounting export
Failed payments tracking Question ?
Automated transfers  
Multi-user access  
Customer success and support    
Helping center
Email support
Phone support  
Personal account manager  

Thousands of satisfied e-merchants

  • Colonel Moutarde
  • Le chemiseur
  • Pret a pousser
  • Petit Canon
  • Ayanature

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