Guaranteed split payments
made easy

A powerful conversion tool for your website

Available in one click from our modules

Users of Payplug modules can request activation of the split payment option (x3 x4) from their portal. The feature is currently available to our API and Payplug module users on:

Your funds available within 48 hours

Oney takes 100% responsibility for fraud and overdue payments, while you receive the total purchase amount in your Payplug account immediately. The funds arrive in your bank account within 48 hours.

Oney: a trusted financial partner

With nearly 40 years of experience, your split payments are in good hands with Oney: Ventes Privées, Air France, Boulanger, PicWicToys and Grain de Malice are among Oney’s customers. And given your customers are used to paying in 3x 4x with Oney on these sites, it makes sense they will do so on your e-commerce site too. The Oney customer account is the user favourite, with more than 7.8 million customers in Europe having already adopted this simple payment method.



Eligibility requirements
and transparent fees

To integrate this payment method into your online shop, subscribe to the Pro offer or benefit from a customised one. Your application will be submitted to our risk and compliance team for acceptance.

These prices only apply to French companies.

  • For you

    The cost to you is fixed
    2,1% + €0,25 per transaction

  • For your clients

    Payment in 3 times:

    your customers pay 1.64% in addition to the purchase cost (capped at €25)


    Payment in 4 times:
    your customers pay 2.46% in addition to the purchase cost (capped at €50)

  • PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Shopify, Sylius or Magento 2 user?

    If your CMS is eligible, you can choose to pay your customers’ fees. Applicable fees in this case are:


    Payment in 3 times:
    3,70 % + €0,25 per transaction


    Payment in 4 times:
    4,70 % + €0,25 per transaction

  • For merchants with high volume

    For merchants with a volume greater than €5,000,000 per month, it’s possible to activate payment across 12 installments, contact us for more information.

Split payments: a determining factor
for 1 in 4 French people when choosing a brand.

Satisfy all their online shopping desires

10% of French people pay in installments for all online orders. They prefer paying in 3 or 4 installments on their favourite sites when the shopping basket exceeds €100, as this allows them to organise their spending comfortably.

Trust in their payment partners

Oney has over 7.8 million users. This recognised brand will reassure your customers when they see it at checkout. Payplug is a 100% secure payment solution: we are a payment institution approved by the ACPR, the supervisory body for the banking and insurance sectors (backed by the Banque de France).

Pay their orders quickly

Once split payments are implemented in your shop, the option is automatically offered for your customer shopping baskets between €100 and €3,000. Your customer will receive an immediate response to the financing agreement. They can create an Oney account that will allow them to pay in one click in all shops offering 3x 4x with Oney.

A level of support to match your ambitions

At Payplug, our team in Paris is 100% dedicated to your satisfaction and ready to share our experience with you: we have supported more than 20,000 merchants in their projects to date

Oney’s after sales team is available to assist your customers in managing their consumer credit. Also be aware Oney actively assists those in difficult situations via the Crésus association. 

Together, we are more than just a split payment solution!

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