Tap to Pay on iPhone

Accept contactless payments with only an iPhone.

Easily get started with the Payplug app.

Accept contactless debit and credit cards,

Apple Pay and other digital wallets

All you need is an iPhone,
no extra hardware

Optimise in-store customer journeys:

  • Finalise sales on the spot and reduce
queuing thanks to increased mobility
  • Easily manage traffic peaks and make
your customers’ time matter!


With Tap to Pay on iPhone, pull a payment acceptance solution out of your pocket wherever an opportunity emerges.


Be it during fairs, at pop-up stores and showrooms or anywhere else on the go.

How to accept your first payment:

Open the Payplug app 
to enter the login and password provided on your activation e-mail.

Enter the purchase amount.

Your customer holds their card horizontally over the contactless symbol.

That’s all! The Done checkmark indicates that the transaction is complete.

What about card payments over €50? All your customers have to do is enter their PIN code.

Secure and private transactions

Tap to Pay on iPhone uses the built-in security and privacy features of iPhone to help keep your customer’s data private and secure.

When a payment is processed, Apple doesn’t store card numbers or PIN information
on the device or on Apple servers.

All your payments

in one place

A unified vision of all transactions on your Payplug portal, whether they came from an iPhone, e-commerce website
or a payment terminal.

Hassle-free inventory and cash register management thanks to our integration with POS software.

payplug portal

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Start to accept payments in less than 48h, no extra terminals
or hardware needed.

iPhone XS or later generation required as well as the latest iOS version.