2019 retrospective: Dalenys establishes its leader position in the payments market

Cyril Blondel
Posted on 17 January 2020 by Cyril Blondel
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As a payment partner of large merchants, Dalenys is at the heart of an ecosystem in perpetual transformation, and 2019 has once again revealed its share of innovations and challenges! Omnichannel routes, unified view of activities regardless of sales channel, implementation of PSD2…

Along with Natixis Payments for more than 2 years now, Dalenys continues to enrich its offer to help you meet all these challenges, domestic and abroad.

Our customers accelerate their growth with Dalenys

Dalenys is proud to support the success of retail, travel and food merchants even further, thanks to solid offers in omnichannel, cross-border business, fraud management and user experience.

There have been successes throughout the year, to name a few:

  • The digital native vertical brand Tediber, mattress specialist, has relied on Dalenys to offer its customers a pleasant payment experience, online and in stores.
  • In the tourism sector, players like Misterfly or Lastminute have integrated payment by instalments with Oney, which allows them to maximize the conversion.
  • Atlas for men, a website selling outdoor clothing and accessories, has deployed an effective international payment strategy, opening 9 additional countries in less than 2 years

Regarding chains of shops, deployments continued at full speed: the Big Mamma chain chose Dalenys for its restaurant openings (Libertino in Paris 10th, and Da Carmelo in Lyon and others to come..); and Burger King continues a fast-paced opening with more than one new restaurant per month.

New customers have also selected Dalenys as their payment partner, and we thank them for their trust! Among them: Weekendesk, Les Echos, Mademoiselle Bio, Toupargel, the Sighor group with its catering brand Leo Resto, or the high-resolution music streaming platform Qobuz.

We also had the pleasure of being alongside merchants during numerous events in the ecosystem: One-to-One Monaco, Paris Retail Week, Big Boss, Nuit des Favor’i with Fevad…

Sales peaks that reach new heights

And it is thanks to our robust platform that our merchant customers can achieve these exploits with confidence. For Black Friday, merchants using the Dalenys solution saw an increase of + 43% on their sales compared to the previous year. Always renewed confidence on the part of the merchants who develop their activities with Dalenys, so thank you and congratulations to you.

The beginnings of implementing strong authentication with PSD2

On September 14, 2019, the Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) of the Payment Services Directive 2 came into force. Throughout the year, Dalenys supported its clients in what constitutes a new playing field, with new rules: RTS are indeed opportunities for merchants to both reduce their fraud, and get the opportunity to massively offer “frictionless” payment routes.

To better support merchants in the twists and turns of these regulations, we have developed several files for 2019, to be found here with:

  • A study carried out with consumers, to collect points of view and better understand the implementation of new authentication methods during payment
  • A study carried out among merchants: "3DS 2.0 and strong authentication: how are merchants preparing? What impact on their performance? "
  • A special file on the impact of RTS on merchant turnover

New features launched to simplify daily payment management

Also in 2019, your "Dalenys Dashboard" transaction tracking tool has had a makeover: not only is the portal more ergonomic, but it contains new features to give a clear and centralized view of all operations.

Another major subject: fraud management. For many of our customers, fraud is already well under control. However, it remains an important concern, since its improvement, however small, can have a major impact on turnover. We have therefore created a premium Fraud offer, based on in-depth studies of purchasing behavior, which feeds merchants with fine and relevant data to make the most relevant decisions.

2020 at the heart of the challenges of unified commerce

While Dalenys has joined Natixis Payments since 2017, its positioning as a leader in payment to merchants, with its all-in-one platform, has been confirmed.

2020 will allow us to see even further, with an expanded offer: unified view and management of transactions through omnichannel routes, integration with solution partners, harmonized payment facilities on all channels, enrichment of our offer for franchisees, simplified launch of marketplaces, integration of wallets, while placing the customer experience above all… we are entering the era of unified commerce. And this is only the beginning!

Ludovic Houri, CEO of Dalenys
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