Dalenys joins forces with PayPlug to transform your payments

Cyril Blondel
Posted on 15 September 2022 by Cyril Blondel
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For 10 years Dalenys has worked with you to make payments a driver of your growth. Today, we join forces with Payplug, another Groupe BPCE subsidiary and omnichannel payment solution.

Our mission is to make e-retailers, merchants of all sizes and fintechs realise their ambitions, offering the best in terms of simplicity and performance.

Together we form a single brand: Payplug. 

Dalenys and Payplug, a shared DNA

You probably already know of Dalenys. A fintech specialising in digital payments, we maximise performance for the largest e-commerce sites (Kiwi.com, Maisons du Monde and Veepee). We provide them a robust platform and anti-fraud tools, not to mention our mastery of payment data and expertise in key sectors such as retail, online gaming and travel.

Payplug has also offered SMEs an alternative to traditional banks over the past 10 years, with turnkey, scalable tools, and quality support. It allows merchants to accept credit card payments on all sales channels – online, in-store, over the phone, and more. The solution today supports more than 15,000 merchants in France and Italy.

Like Dalenys, Payplug joined the BPCE Group in 2017, the second-largest banking group in France.

The merger of our two entities makes sense in a context where buyer expectations of payments are converging: seamless payment, guaranteed fractional payment, mobile payment (Apple Pay, Google Pay), have become essential. Combining our expertise, we give you the means to meet these expectations. Together, we can push the boundaries of payment.

"Our complementarity and the values that bring us together will strengthen our unique position in the market. Our teams are ready to redefine what payment performance means to accelerate our clients’ development in France and Europe." - Antoine Grimaud, CEO of Payplug.

Payplug: the payment solution designed for merchants, e-merchants and fintechs

With our unique mastery of the payment chain from acceptance to acquisition, and deep knowledge of current merchant challenges, we aim to redraw the contours of performance for our clients. 

  • SMEs, in both the digital or physical world, want to reach customers wherever they are. At Payplug we give them the tools for selling on their e-commerce sites, in-store, or on conversational channels (SMS, social networks, phone). 
  • Large customer accounts need to simultaneously process a great number of transactions. We help them maximise their revenues at every stage of the payment process while protecting against fraud, with our cutting-edge technology and support tailored to their business sector.
  • Fintechs want to offer high-performance payment services with ease. We propose a turnkey solution for collecting and paying out cardholder payments.

A single payment partner with 360° expertise, we enable you to design payment strategies that meet and exceed your expectations.

Payment expertise in line with your ambitions

Our 400-strong team brims with passion and talent ready to advise, deploy and update solutions to boost your growth through payment. Whether turnkey modules or APIs, you choose the integration method best suited to your needs.

We support you with all your payment issues, and beyond:

  • Performance: accelerate your sales by drawing on a number of local and alternative payment methods, and our features that optimise the payment experience for your customers. 
  • Fighting fraud: rely on our dedicated online fraud teams and tools to maximise your conversion rate while limiting your risk level.
  • Creating omnichannel journeys: diversify your sales channels while providing seamless shopping experiences for your customers.
  • Analyse your payment data: enjoy a complete overview of your transactions, regardless of the purchase channel used, and identify new opportunities for your business. 

And that's not all: benefit also from the expertise of our extended ecosystem of partners - CMS, web agencies, ERP, cashiering solutions - who support you in all aspects of your business.

A new era for your payments

By combining our strengths we give you the means to maximise your performance while simplifying management of your tools, allowing you to focus on what matters most: exceeding your limits.

Hand in hand we build the future of payments with you, your ambitions fuelling our own and driving us further. We look forward to writing this new page with you.

Learn more about Payplug by visiting our website, and contact us with any questions.

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