E-Commerce One-to-One 2018: Be2bill hands over the stage to Dalenys, to support merchants on their challenges

Cyril Blondel
Posted on 20 March 2018 by Cyril Blondel
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On the occasion of its annual attendance to E-Commerce One-to-One fair in Monaco, Dalenys announces a refocused brand strategy for its payment activity: thus Be2bill hands over the stage to Dalenys as commercial brand, in order to support the rise of the payment solution developed by the company.

Brand strategy refocused on Dalenys

This change logically occurs after the milestone year of 2017, with the acquisition of the majority shares of the company by Natixis. While keeping its autonomy, its agility and its so much appreciated methods, Dalenys now benefits from the support of a strong industrial partner, with whom synergies are already developed, in order to accelerate its growth and to optimize the services brought to its merchants.

Within the Natixis Payment Solutions ecosystem, Dalenys is positioned as the payment solution dedicated to big e-commerce and connected commerce merchants, in France and on an international scale.

As the 1st French Fintech, Dalenys already supports more than a third of the merchants who attended E-Commerce One-to-One 2017 on their business challenges: increasing sales, reducing fraud, accelerating international expansion, exploring new opportunities offered by omnichannel, or deploying a marketplace compliant with regulatory evolutions.

“Our omnichannel payment solution, designed to answer the big retailers and e-merchants’ challenges, addresses pragmatically and efficiently the profound changes that merchants are experiencing.”

Thibaut Faurès Fustel de Coulanges, CEO of Dalenys

Dalenys also unveils its new website, displaying its Payment offer in details (www.dalenys.com), as well as the new signature “We Love Payment” which demonstrates its teams’ authenticity and daily commitment to the success of its partners.

Highlight on omnichannel and international payment

For this 2018 edition of E-Commerce One to One, Dalenys sticks to its “tech company” DNA, by presenting its omnichannel payment innovations.

Omnichannel customers’ journeys (Click & collect, Store to Web…) are part of the strengths that will be highlighted by Dalenys on its booth and during all the fair, with a SmartPOS demonstration. This new in-store collection equipment, which combines tablets’ assets and a payment terminals’ robustness, is displayed in partnership with Natixis Payment Solutions.

The expert workshop planned on this Tuesday, March 20th at 2:00 PM and co-hosted by Jessica Delpirou, General Manager France of Made.com, and Matthieu Vermot, Global Sales & Marketing Director of Dalenys, will illustrate the support brought by Dalenys to shape a relevant payment strategy, in the context of an ambitious and successful international development.

Our team attending the event will also be able to answer all your challenges concerning payment optimization and the use of payment methods adapted to your implementation areas.

Let’s meet to talk about your projects!

Being at the same time acquirer, Payment Service Provider and business expert, Dalenys has been offering since 2012 an omnichannel payment solution (online, mobile and in-store) already adopted by the biggest merchants. 2017 concluded with €3.5bn of financial processing flows, including more than 30% on an international scale.

Let’s meet Dalenys on booth F2 J025 during E-Commerce One to One, from March 20th to 22nd 2018, and discover all our detailed offer on our new website: www.dalenys.com/

You can also contact us: hello@dalenys.com

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