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Cyril Blondel
Posted on 19 June 2018 by Cyril Blondel
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Can you tell us about

We are a startup offering online travel agency services. Our story began 3 years ago. Today, we are successfull with 350 million euros in turnover and 260 employees. In 2017, more than 1 million people went on holidays via our platform.

"Having a dedicated single point of contact is a real asset, whether for implementation, monitoring or advice. "

The secret of our success? A great differentiation at the service level. We know our business by heart and have from the beginning wanted to bring a high quality of service, by displaying, for example by displaying all the prices that will be paid, thus avoiding any additional tax surprises. Transparency is our guarantee of quality and from the beginning we have partnered with major partners offering complete travel solutions. This has been the case with Vente Privée, and with Cdiscount for some weeks now.

What were your needs?

As part of our development, we wanted to find a payment solution to support us in our developments on the international and more specifically our priority European countries: Belgium, Holland and Germany. We had to find a payment solution that guaranteed us the best possible development.

Why did you choose Dalenys?

We chose Dalenys 4 months ago, because we wanted a unique platform to manage online payment in all of our “new countries”. However, each country has its own challenges. In Belgium, for example, the Bancontact payment method is very popular, so much so that it is used more than the traditional Visa / Mastercard. In Holland, Ideal is the preferred means of payment.

In parallel, Dalenys offers global payment solutions, multi-market and omnichannel. This solution met all our needs. We therefore carried out the technical migration with a dedicated team. They have demonstrated real expertise and flexibility to allow us a smooth transition. We have been supported throughout the process.

And we did not anticipate it, but because of its dual status of bank in charge of our collection and Payment Service Provider (PSP), their ability to optimize our performance was real with very good surprises in terms of results.

What were the results ?

The acceptance rate has increased between 2 and 3 points. As a player in e-commerce, these results were a nice surprise.

Why recommend Dalenys?

From the beginning, the Dalenys teams have shown great professionalism. They knew how to understand our job and our challenges. The deployment was carried out with great agility and efficiency.

The challenge was daunting, because of the multitude of openings, integrations, tests to be done, and with many interlocutors involved within our teams. Dalenys, with its support, has met our expectations in record time: the launch was carried out in just 2 months. Having a dedicated single point of contact is a real asset, whether for implementation, monitoring or advice. It saves time and is an appreciable expertise in a field as specific as payment.

" A key figure from this collaboration: 2 months for the multi-country launch. "

Dalenys, as seen by Frédéric Pilloud, Digital Director at Interview | DigitalMag - Special issue The BigBoss Summer Edition - June 2018
Download the PDF version (FR).

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