Pay by link: develop in-store distancing thanks to payment links

Cyril Blondel
Updated on 23 April 2024 by Cyril Blondel
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In this post-lockdown period, solutions that allow stores to sell while avoiding contact and respecting barrier gestures are essential and more than welcome.

Among these, Link2pay, the remote payment service developed by Paytweak, is particularly suited to meet the needs of retailers. Paytweak indeed announced at the beginning of April the free offering of this service throughout the period. This solidarity action is strongly supported by Dalenys, which in turn offers the associated activation costs for the deployment and connection with its payment solution.

To respond to more advanced integration specifications that may be wanted by merchants, Paytweak also offers a premium version of its service including the automated sending of links, or the provision of QR codes, directly from the checkout software. Merchants working with Dalenys can of course opt for this choice.

Generally, the device allows stores to send a payment link to their customers so that they can pay for their purchases. Usually reserved for stores wishing to initiate distance sales to distribute their local stocks, this service has tended to develop since the beginnings of lockdown, including among merchants used to e-commerce sales. This innovative omnichannel route known as Pay by link indeed offers point of sale agility and efficiency to manage their customers' local orders securely.

The store is then free to take an order by phone, very simply create an online payment page and transmit it to the end customer either by email, SMS, QR code or voice message. The availability of products then varies, with pick-up from the store or local delivery.

As part of this partnership, Paytweak produces the application which is used by the merchant to request the creation of the payment link to be sent to the customer, while Dalenys provides the payment form which appears when the customer clicks on the payment link and then takes care of the funds collection. The end consumer thus pays securely and quickly, directly in store or remotely (for example, following a simple telephone conversation with a seller).

As a unified payment solution for commerce, Dalenys' priority is to help merchants meet the challenges they face in this extraordinary period. This is why we are delighted to collaborate with Paytweak, which allows us to provide our merchant clients having stores with a technology particularly suited to physical distancing, and completely secure.

Discover the innovative deployment of Pay by link carried out by Le Slip Français.

Dalenys teams are at your disposal if you wish to find out more about our omnichannel offers, or set up Pay by link in your points of sale.

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