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Our modules easily work with your e-commerce platform

Simply install our solution with modules and integrations that are compatible with your daily tools.

Create your PayPlug account in minutes and submit the necessary documents online to set up payment by bank card (CB, Visa, Mastercard). 


Good to know: our modules comply with the revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2).

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Real-time tracking

  • Set up the payment page display on your e-commerce site (integrated or redirected);
  • Follow the status of your online payments;
  • See when payment failures occur (and why).
  • You can also export your accounting reports with ease, in the preferred format, as well as any transfer requests, and receive them the next day. 

Customize your payment pages

What if your payment page could also reflect your brand? With PayPlug it’s easy to add your logo, modify the “pay” button color, or upload a background image.

Test our various page templates and integration methods, with the possibility of analyzing potential customer conversion. We want you to make the best decision for your store!

Our advanced features offer tools
Pro and Premium offers

Our advanced features offer tools for better business evolution.

We’ve partnered with Oney, to offer your customers the option of installment payments and lower your risk of unpaid bills. This is what we call installment payment plans.


You also have the option of an installment payment option without the Oney guarantee

Offering one-click payment on your e-commerce site is a great way to keep your customers coming back! When making their first purchase, they agree to pay for their next order with one click, without the hassle of filling out their bank details again.


This streamlined shopping experience increases your chance of repeat buyers, as well as customer conversation rate.

The deferred payment option allows you to trigger customer payments at the order point of your choice ("shipped" or "delivered" for example), rather than at the time of customer purchase.


This simplifies your task management and promotes a fairer business relationship with your customers!

Our Smart 3-D Secure feature allows you to set your preference, in regards to payment validation. With PSD2:

  • if customer conversion is the priority, we advise a streamlined validation process, with customers’ online banks.
  • if security is the priority, we advise a strong validation process for you.


Bear in mind that the final decision is in the hands of your customers’ banks.

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Support that meets your high expectations

We have a Paris-based team that is fully committed to making sure you’re happy at all times: to date, we have helped more than 10,000 vendors with their business projects.


At 51, our Net Promoter Score (Customer Satisfaction) is one of the highest in the market! 


Got a question? Visit our FAQ page or send us a message - we’re here and we speak your language! 

Support that meets your high expectations

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Are you familiar with our conversational commerce offering?

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