5 pieces of advice from our Payment Managers to face sales peaks without stress

Cyril Blondel
Updated on 23 April 2024 by Cyril Blondel
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Provide a smooth and secured customer experience, and optimize your acceptance and conversion rates of your ecommerce site

  • Integrate back-up scenarios and fix all your upstream bugs

With the help of your payment partner, consider all scenarios so that payments continue to be done whatever happens (for example, when a bank route falls).

  • Modify or adjust 3D Secure trigger rules

Have you implemented the most appropriate 3D Secure authentication trigger rules? It is always a good idea to ask yourself this question, based on these points: your peak activity, the composition of your catalog, possible increases of fraud rates or types of fraudsters operating on your site. To ensure you maintain optimal acceptance rates, the 3D Secure trigger rules can be recalibrated by reviewing all relevant criteria (not just the cart amount, for example).

  • Anticipate a possible unavailability of the authentication servers of the banks

It would be dramatic because it would block all authenticated payments. Anticipate 3D Secure triggering scenarios in the event of a problem: Dalenys can, through its Fraud premium offer, tag transactions that failed for manual verification, thus avoiding the failure of all transactions of the bank that has a problem.

  • Integrate refund methods

With the sales peaks, will come peaks of returns and exchanges. If you are under Magento or Prestashop, the refund is integrated by default. In other cases, you can use the Dalenys APIs, everything is planned.

  • Get back to customers with abandoned carts thanks to payment failures data

You identify the reason of the failure and can get back to your customers with a solution to finalize their purchases (using another payment method for example).

Contact your Payment Manager to study these solutions for your business!

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