Black Friday 2019, from online to offline

Cyril Blondel
Posted on 21 November 2019 by Cyril Blondel
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Black Friday continues its extraordinary progression concerning e-commerce, but also points of sale.

This evolution is symptomatic of the omnichannel trend: the border between online and offline has in deed become increasingly porous. Tomorrow, thanks to omni-channel strategies and new buying habits, it should fade more and more, and let "unified commerce" emerge. This is a paradigm shift that consists in adopting strategies that are no longer built channel by channel: they will be based on new consumption habits.

The emergence of DNVB, these "digital native vertical brands" is a good example of this evolution: they are launched on the Internet, have a perfect social networks and social commerce management, and have opened points of sales as a second step (e.g. Le Slip Français or Tediber).

A few days before the 2019 edition, let’s focus on a sales peak which is emblematic of this change in the market, regarding its impact on the internet and its significant growth on every channel.

Throwback to 2018 Black Friday

If Black Friday has higher sales peaks in e-commerce than in points of sales, it's still noticeable that in-store purchases are now significantly boosted on this occasion. More consumers are taking advantage of these promotions to make their purchases (+46 points in e-commerce, +9 points in store). Basket amounts are particularly noteworthy, with much higher amounts than usual (+96 points in e-commerce; + 45 points in store).

Sales peaks under control with Dalenys

  • An ultra-robust payment platform
  • Bespoke support by a Payment Manager. He activates all the levers to make this day a commercial success, e.g. the adjustment of anti-fraud management rules to predict the increase of the average basket.
  • A 100% omni-channel solution helping you support new purchasing behavior, with financial reconciliation of all channels.

In these periods of peak sales, the results weigh heavily in the balance of annual performance of the merchant. It is crucial to avoid any downtime that would interfere with transactions. Our platform easily absorbs peaks of traffic and allows merchants to focus on their business to boost their sales without stress.

Ludovic Houri, CEO of Dalenys
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