Optimise your conversion
by reducing fraud

Increasingly granular fraud management is a real growth lever.

Comprehensive fraud management

A continuously optimised
rule-based system

As regulations and fraud behaviour change, so does our technology. Benefit from a rule-based system that understands how issuers think, to help you fight fraud effectively.

Evolving and customised rules

  • Specific parameters based on your activity
  • Enriched customer data
  • Continuous improvement of algorithms

Proactive defence against fraud

  • Block fraudulent payments in real time
  • Detect blocked cards
  • Dynamic management of exemptions
fraud management

Your options for a frictionless payment journey

Trigger the right requests with Smart 3D Secure, which relies on machine learning and your risk profile to send your recommendation to the issuer.

3-D Secure

Dedicated services
for your company
risk teams

In-depth analysis of purchasing behaviour

Even when well controlled, fraud management remains a major concern because its evolution directly impacts your turnover. With our Fraud premium offer, you can minimise fraud and maximise your acceptance rate.

Intelligent monitoring of chargebacks

We offer you a tool for disputing chargebacks and the know-how of our specialist anti-fraud teams.

They said it!

Over 17,000 merchants trust Payplug.

So can you.


“Payplug provides us with invaluable support to make our PSD2 migration a success. Our Customer Success Manager follows us step by step to ensure there is no significant impact on our business or customers’ UX.”

Bach Truong, Head of Payment, Misterfly

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