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Security and conversion can go hand in hand!
The Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) aims to strengthen the security of online payments. With PayPlug, be compliant while maximizing your conversion.

A fluid purchasing experience with PSD2

The authentication system set up by your customers’ banks is out of our hands. However, we can help you improve their buying experience when filling out their credit card details online! PayPlug proposes :

  • A payment page that displays your brand’s visual identity. 
  • Responsive payment pages that display perfectly across all media.
  • Automatic keypad activation on mobile phones.
  • Automatic recognition of the following card types: Visa, Mastercard, debit cards.
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Conversion without compromising on security

The conversion rate of your site reflects its performance and the efforts you make to increase it. Our promise is to conserve all your hard work! 

Our smart 3-D Secure system ensures that the requested strong authentication proves to be relevant, which helps to protect our overall fraud rate. Gradually, your customers’ banks should agree to apply frictionless authentication on your sales transactions so long as you’re using PayPlug. 


If a transaction is submitted with a frictionless authentication request using 3-D Secure 1 but the issuing bank requires stronger validation (soft decline), we are able to display the necessary screens for the customer to prove their identity This is not the case for the majority of payment providers: in this type of situation, 68% of transactions fail because the payment solution is not able to receive the request from the issuing bank. (Natixis Payments data, March 2021 covering 20% of French transactions.)

PayPlug and PSD2 is a natural fit

All of our modules have been PSD2 compliant since 2019. On a day-to-day basis, we are very attentive to any changes or updates, taking the necessary steps to ensure that the transactions carried out by our merchants fully comply with the data points requested under the 3-D Secure 2.


For your shop to comply with the PSD2, you just need to download the most recent version of our payment modules. That’s it. Easy, right?

Good to know:

PayPlug is part of the BPCE group, which issues 20% of bank cards within the French market. We therefore have inside information on the evolution of the application of the directive, which allows us to be reactive and to maintain high conversion rates for our sellers.

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Radio PSD2 🎙

PSD2 is progressively being phased in. We plan to update this section regularly with 3 key pieces of information that will allow you to better understand the issues of the directive.

  • When our merchants request the application of a strong authentication on a given transaction, the issuing banks always apply it (According to data collected on all our merchants since May 15, 2021).
  • Between May 15 2021 and June 26 2021, strong authentication was applied to 55% of transactions cashed by French merchants  using PayPlug.
  • Between May 15, 2021 and June 26, 2021, a frictionless authentication was requested by our merchants on 51% of transactions cashed by French merchants using PayPlug. 

Reminders about PSD2

The main objective of the Payment Services Directive (PSD2), which came into effect on September 14, 2019, is to increase the security of online payments by strengthening the authentication of consumers making credit card purchases.

Good to know:

PSD2 does not apply to payments under €30, within the limit of €100 per day and 5 consecutive transactions, recurring payments, and payments by telephone.

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Strong authentication and frictionless authentication

Strong authentication: the 3-D Secure system makes way for the 3-D Secure 2.0, which guarantees both better security and fluidity during online purchases. The SMS system has been replaced by a transaction validation from the mobile application of the payer’s bank.


Frictionless authentication: PSD2 makes sure that your customers' payment providers and banks exchange more data (+150) on each transaction, which in some cases allows authentication without any action on the part of your customers. 


The decision to apply one of the above authentication methods rests with your customers’ banks (referred to as “issuing banks”).

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Transfer of responsibility in the event of fraud

In the event of a dispute, you are responsible for the refund of a transaction only when frictionless authentication has been requested and granted by the issuing bank.


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