How Allopneus achieved 97% net payment acceptance rate with Payplug

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Since 2005, Allopneus has been the French pioneer and leader in online tyre sales. Following rapid growth, the company was acquired by Michelin in 2022 and now boasts 3.9 million active customers, selling 4 million tyres annually1

The key to its success? A distribution network covering 90% of French territory, complete supply chain control, and a robust digital marketing strategy.

In the ever-evolving world of payments, the company sought a reliable and robust partner to address its fraud and conversion challenges. According to Maxime Banjac, E-commerce Director at Allopneus, "our main payment challenge is to equip ourselves with the right tools to ensure frictionless requests granted by issuers and increase the acceptance rate": and that's exactly what Payplug does!

key figures Allopneus

The challenge: optimising fraud management under PSD2 faced fraud issues impacting its revenue. Maxime Banjac turned to Payplug for its fraud management expertise. 

"In 2017, we entrusted Payplug with a significant portion of our bank card transactions, achieving excellent results from the start. It was crucial, given our €230 million annual flow in CB/Visa/Mastercard1", Maxime explains.

Implementing the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) in 2019 was a significant milestone for both PSPs and e-merchants. "We were concerned about this transition, especially as our Payment Manager was leaving", recalls Maxime. "But Payplug's support met all our expectations."

We chose not to replace our Payment Manager because we could rely on Payplug to advise and guide us in our payment strategy.

Maxime Banjac, E-commerce Director / Allopneus

Payplug’s solutions

1. Maximising Frictionless Request Submission

In e-commerce, 6% of payment failures are due to 3-D Secure4. To minimise these losses, websites benefit from promoting frictionless payment paths, requiring control over their fraud rate and the preferences sent to issuers.

Allopneus took advantage of Payplug's Fraud Premium offer, a comprehensive support programme combining: 

  • A continuously optimised rules engine identifying risky transactions and sending appropriate authentication requests to issuers.
  • Near real-time monitoring by an anti-fraud expert team.

This programme has enabled Allopneus to achieve an extremely low fraud rate (0.01% of transactions2) and send an average of 90% frictionless requests on eligible transactions, a 13-points increase upon deploying Fraud Premium4.

Fraud premium

2. Encouraging Frictionless Request Acceptance

With its controlled fraud rate, Allopneus benefited from two complementary programs with Payplug: 

  • Safe'R by CB, a credit card service for e-merchants with a low fraud rate, achieving up to 99% of frictionless requests accepted by French banks (excluding Groupe BPCE) for transactions under €2505
  • Fastpass, a unique connection protocol ensuring up to 98% of frictionless payment requests acceptance on bankcards issued by Groupe BPCE2, covering 20% of French traffic6.

Safe R by CB
Two complementary solutions to maximise payment performance on 91% of French traffic7.

The Result: Boosted Acceptance Rates

Together with Fraud Premium support, Safe'R by CB and Fastpass rapidly increased Allopneus’s frictionless and net payment acceptance rates in the €0-250 bracket.

Since December 2023, the site has benefited from the Fastpass solution for payments up to €300, with plans to gradually extend it to €500.

Here's the impact of these exclusive programmes on Allopneus's performance, particularly its net acceptance rate, which saw significant improvement in less than six months:

Allopneus results
Payplug data, January 2024 (compared with July 2023)

For the 0-250€ bracket, Allopneus now achieves 97.12% net acceptance and 88.59% frictionless rate3, significantly impacting its sales volume.

We’ve regained strong dynamics and improved payment performance thanks to Payplug’s expertise and support.

Maxime Banjac, E-commerce Director / Allopneus


With Payplug's technology and fraud management expertise, Allopneus has controlled its fraud rate and unlocked its conversion potential.

Expanding Fastpass to the €500 threshold will further optimise performance, increasing the net acceptance rate from 95.02% to 98.3% for the €300-500 bracket3, equating to an estimated annual gain of €252K. Fastpass will enable Allopneus to generate an additional €1.116 million in annual volume for transactions under €500!

If you're looking to benefit from our support and exclusive programs, feel free to contact our team:

Sources: 1Allopneus figures, 2023 ; 2Payplug data, Q4 2023 ; 3Payplug data, February 2024 ; 4Payplug data, 2023 ; 5Observatoire CB, 2023 ; 6Groupe BPCE, 2023

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