BlueSnap partners with Payplug to obtain greater authorization rates in the EU and France

Cyril Blondel
Posted on 18 July 2022 by Cyril Blondel
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BlueSnap, the global payment orchestration platform that helps businesses accept payments globally, has partnered with Payplug, the Merchant Acquirer specialized in payments performance and part of Groupe BPCE, to bolster its global network of acquiring banks which allows merchants to benefit from local card processing in France.

Strengthening local card acquiring capabilities

The global payment orchestration platform partnership with Payplug fortifies its local acquiring capabilities in Europe. This enables businesses with a customer base in France to process digital payments as a local transaction.

Businesses that are BlueSnap’s clients are likely to see increased sales and revenue as local acquiring helps them to achieve higher authorization rates and reduce cross-border fees. BlueSnap can save global sellers — and shoppers — up to 2% in cross-border fees and lead to increased sales by improving payment authorization rates and reducing seller costs.

BlueSnap partners with a payment solution recognized for its performance for 10 years. In deed, Payplug support large businesses and regulated institutions throughout Europe with its team expertise, in-house engineered technology and unique payment data.

A new generation solution for PayFacs

As a Payment Facilitator (PayFac), BlueSnap maintains a direct link with merchants, and manages their account with the acquirer, on behalf of sub-merchants.

With its new generation solution for Payment Facilitators, based on a full API platform, Payplug offers best-in-class features for Payfacs, such as:

  • Automated onboarding
  • the latest standard of compliance with card schemes
  • monitoring and control of their operations (system integration, data access...)

Matthieu Vermot, Managing Director Global Merchants at Payplug, said: “We are delighted to partner with such a successful international payment platform, and we are thrilled to provide our best in class “Payment Facilitator solution” and support BlueSnap performance to process French card transactions. This partnership reinforces our positioning as a leading Paytech and Merchant Acquirer driving payments performance for European merchants and Payment Facilitators.”

Payplug enables BlueSnaps’ expansion strategy to go further!

BlueSnap's Payment Orchestration Platform is specifically designed to help businesses accept payments domestically and internationally. Businesses only need to do one integration and will receive one account and one contract to accept payments in 200 geographies with 100+ currencies and 100+ payment types.

As businesses grow into new territories, there are no additional integrations, no additional accounts to set up and no struggling with multiple reports to reconcile.

Available in over 200 regions worldwide, BlueSnap’s Intelligent Payment Routing technology, part of its global payment services, automatically recognizes a card’s issuing country and directs it to one of its 47 local card acquiring banks worldwide to optimize sales and reduce cost.

This means the payment is treated in the same way as a local transaction, avoiding global interchange fees, where possible, in line with card brand rules.

Payplug enables BlueSnap to continue its ambitious growth strategy in Europe, building more failover and payment optimization capabilities in the region.

Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO at BlueSnap, said: “With our partnership with Payplug, BlueSnap continues to strengthen our position as a leader in local acquiring and cross-border payment services globally. Payplug’ extensive reach and customer base will enable us to help more businesses than ever looking to expand into international markets, as the volume of customers purchasing goods and services online continues to accelerate.

“We know that ‘going global’ can be a daunting step for many firms and that cross-border payments are incredibly complex. That’s why BlueSnap is focused on helping businesses optimize their global payments to increase sales and reduce costs.”

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