Payplug and ProcessOut: the performance of orchestrated payments in Europe

Posted on 04 December 2023 by Alison Giansetto
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The orchestration of payments allows merchants who have a complex, international payment strategy to optimise their buying path.

More than a trend, this development is reshaping the payment landscape. This is why Payplug is working today with many payment orchestration platforms (POPs) such as ProcessOut, in order to maximise retailers' payment performance in France and Europe.

How does this collaboration translate in real terms? What are its benefits for e-merchants? 

Following our webinar with Ankama and ProcessOut for the media stream The Paypers, we would like to offer you more information regarding the success of this partnership.

Payplug and ProcessOut: payment performances orchestrated in Europe

The orchestration of payments by ProcessOut

Founded in 2015, ProcessOut is one of the payment orchestration platforms (POPs) designed to simplify the management of merchants’ financial flows.

Via the integration of a single API, the orchestrator allows e-tailers to have an overall view of transactions carried out and their associated payment data. 

What is ProcessOut’s ambition? To offer merchants the opportunity to:

  • Quickly extend their activities internationally by offering new local payment methods
  • Obtain the best acceptance rates thanks to payment services providers (PSPs) integrated into the platform
  • Build a complex payment configuration in a simple way, thanks to the centralisation of data from multiple PSPs.

Payplug’s unique value proposition in the orchestration of payments

Since 2021, we have been working with ProcessOut to optimise the payment performance of its clients in France and Europe.

As a PSP and acquirer, we act as the single player in the processing of transactions from both a processing and an acquisition point of view. In this, we can bring greater fluidity, checking and, above all, results in terms of acceptance.

As an example, here is the diagram of our integration with ProcessOut for Ankama, an independent digital creation group.

Schematic diagram of optimised payment orchestration with Payplug and ProcessOut
Schematic diagram of optimised payment orchestration with Payplug and ProcessOut

In addition, as an international acquirer, we are positioned as close as possible to the card networks thanks to our Visa, Mastercard and Cartes Bancaires (CB) licences. 

Our direct links with the Groupe BPCE and CB network also allow us to visibly augment the conversion rates of e-merchants in France and Europe.

Indeed, subject to a minimum fraud level, Payplug offers merchants two complementary programs in order to maximise frictionless paths: 

  • FastPass, is a unique connection protocol which guarantees up to 98% of frictionless requests accepted on bank cards issued by the Groupe BPCE (ie. 20% of French cards)².

  • Low Rick Merchant Program (LRMP), offered by CB, allows the optimisation of frictionless requests accepted on this network via other French banks. This is a real asset, as CB holds 85% of the market share in France4.

Thanks to its approach centred on performance, Payplug stands out by displaying higher than average results on payments made via CB: +1.8 successful authentication rate points and +7 frictionless rate points3.

Payplug’s proactive approach around orchestration demonstrates a strong understanding of the market and merchants’ needs. Payplug’s professional expertise, combined with the quality and involvement of their teams, has a direct impact on their performance.

Jérémy Lejoux, Co-founder and Head of Merchant Experience at ProcessOut

A connection to the service provided by our merchants: the case of Ankama

Let’s have a look now at the results of our collaboration with ProcessOut through one user’s case, that of Ankama. An entertainment group present in the video game sector (ie. Dofus, Waven), series and animated films (ie. Wakfu), mangas, board games and other Webtoons via the Allscreen application or its Launcher

In this triptych, each party brings its expertise:

  • Ankama brings its client data and its knowledge of the sector;
  • Payplug, its expertise in the processing of transactions in France and Europe;
  • ProcessOut, its unique API allowing each party to connect to payment stakeholders (PSPs, fraud tools etc.).

The value of the partnership lies in the fact that we work in a complementary way to ensure the optimisation of the payment process and to respond collectively to the key indicators of Ankama’s performance.

Bénédicte Brie, Head of Partnerships at Payplug.

Between January and June 2023, Payplug processed 500,000 transactions for Ankama, of which 98% were in France1

The results were as expected:  

Over the transactions as a whole, 96% were accepted and 92% of the frictionless requests were granted by the issuing banks².

These indicators bear witness not only to the expertise of each stakeholder in the payment chain, but also to the trust granted by the banks, which is key to reaching this level of results.

In conclusion

We are proud to work with ProcessOut to optimise the performance of merchants in France and Europe. 

Between integration via ProcessOut’s simplified API and our expertise in the local market, the complementarity of our two solutions is already bearing fruit, as Ankama has been able to see.

Would you like specific advice for improving your payment performance?

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