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Posted on 07 March 2024 by Roxane Tranchard
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Developed by the Carte Bancaires (CB) scheme, the Safe'R by CB aims to streamline and secure card payments by leveraging the 3-D Secure v2 protocol. It is intended for e-merchants who wish to improve their online payment conversion rates within the framework of the PSD2.

As the French bankcard payment specialist, Payplug supports its e-merchants in activating the Safe'R by CB service. Find out more about this service and its eligibility criteria!

Safe'R by CB

What is Safe’R by CB? 

The Safe'R by CB service was created when the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) was established to enable e-merchants with a low fraud rate to offer their customers more frictionless transactions, i.e. without triggering Strong Customer Authentication (SCA). 

This can have a significant impact for these merchants, given that such a service can increase the acceptance rate of frictionless requests by issuers, reaching up to 99%1 , and therefore increase the conversion rate. 

The first version of this service only concerned transactions between €0 and €100. Following its success, a second version was launched for transactions up to €250.

Safe’R by CB is the latest addition to the range of e-commerce services offered by CB. Safe’R by CB capitalises on CB’s strengths on the French market and enables members of the CB community to benefit from the most attractive costs, the lowest fraud rate and a better acceptance rate. CB boosts the turnover of e-merchants by offering their customers unrivalled convenience.

Renan Le Bot, Sales Director, CB

Who can benefit from this service?

To gain access to this service, merchants must meet certain conditions relating to their fraud rate and transaction volumes:

Transaction amount0-€100100-€250
Merchant fraud rate<0,11%<0,05%
Frictionless rate goal>95%>90%
Type of TRAIssuer or

As part of this eligibility process, Payplug supports merchants before they are able to activate Safe'R by CB, to help them fight fraud more actively, identify fraudulent behaviour more effectively and trigger appropriate requests to issuers, thereby reducing fraud rates and meeting the minimum conditions.

The results of Safe'R by CB for Allopneus

Allopneus is the French pioneer and leader in online tyre sales. Since 2015, they use Payplug to optimise their payment performance.  

They have integrated Safe'R by CB in August 2023. In less than six months, they have reached a frictionless rate of over 90% for transactions under €250. This service has enabled them to gain over 3 points in net acceptance2. "These results confirm that Payplug’s approach is the right one for Allopneus" says Maxime Banjac, Digital e-commerce Director at Allopneus.

At a time when consumer demands in terms of the shopping experience are unparalleled, we are proud to make Safe’R by CB available to our merchants, to meet the challenges of fluidity while optimising the acceptance, costs and security of payments. Together with CB, we want to define a new framework for online payment performance in France.

Antoine Grimaud, CEO of Payplug

Would you like specific advice for improving your payment performance in France and in Europe? Get in touch with our teams:

Sources: 1Observatoire CB, 2023 ; 2Payplug, 2023

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