Tap to Pay on iPhone: accept contactless payments without any extra hardware

Posted on 14 November 2023 by Roxane Tranchard
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Unveiled in February 2022 by Apple, the Tap to Pay on iPhone feature has arrived in France to diversify in-person customer experiences! It enables payments to be accepted with just an iPhone, with no additional hardware or payment terminal required.

This is a major innovation in the field of payment acceptance solutions, which meets a twofold challenge for merchants: making their business more agile, and offering their customers ever more flexible and seamless shopping experiences.

We're proud to announce that Payplug is one of the first French players to deploy Tap to Pay on iPhone, to provide retailers with complete omnichannel mobility.

After detailing the advantages of this technology, we'll explain how to set it up easily with Payplug.

How does Tap to Pay on iPhone work?

Tap to Pay on iPhone allows you to collect your customers’ contactless payments directly with an iPhone, without any additional equipment or payment terminal.

You can accept contactless payments with no limit on the amount, whether via bank cards (Visa and Mastercard), Apple Pay, or other digital wallets.

The process is very simple:

tap to pay on iphone

But simplicity isn't the only advantage of this solution!

What are the advantages for retailers?

1. Seizing new sales opportunities

No need to stand behind your counter anymore, you can accept contactless payments anywhere in your shop or in a pop-up store - no card reader needed. It's also a stand-alone solution for your sales at external events, such as markets and fairs.

This flexibility allows you to maximise sales opportunities, including in-store, as part of a cross-selling approach. Equipped with only an iPhone, your sales staff can suggest complementary products to your customers and close the sale directly, without having to go through the cash desk.

With Tap to Pay on iPhone, you can take your point of sale wherever your shoppers are, impacting your customer satisfaction and revenue significantly.

2. Avoid queues at checkout

76% of French buyers have previously left a shop because of queues deemed too long*. Tap to Pay on iPhone allows you to accelerate the payment process: your customers don't have to insert their bank card into a terminal, a simple tap is enough!

Are you facing a peak in traffic? Offer your visitors the chance to pay wherever they like: at the exit of fitting rooms, in the aisles of your shop, at the table in a restaurant. Beyond relieving congestion at your central checkout, this solution will leave them with the memory of a simple and innovative shopping experience.

3. Reduce equipment cost

Multiply your sales opportunities without multiplying your equipment: the Tap to Pay on iPhone solution can be used on its own or as an enhancement to your curent set up.

A real asset for restaurants: lighter and faster, an iPhone is all you need to take orders at tables, provide bills and get paid.

4. Secure transactions

Tap to Pay on iPhone uses the built-in features of iPhone to help keep your business and customer data private and secure. When a payment is processed, Apple doesn’t store card numbers on the device or on Apple servers, so you can rest assured knowing your business stays yours.

Tap to Pay on iPhone with Payplug 

This feature complements our range of online and in-store payment solutions, so you can close sales wherever your customers are. You get a centralised view of your transactions in your portal, whether they come from an iPhone, your e-commerce website or a payment terminal.

As well as tracking your payments in real time, you can export your accounts in a unified format, and make better decisions for your business!

You can easily connect our solutions to your business tools (OMS, CMS, ERP) and benefit from a unified view of your payments data from your Payplug portal.

Ready to accept contactless payments with only an iPhone?

Or scan this QR code with your iPhone.

QR code

Any questions? Feel free to visit our Support Centre, or to contact our team, we'd be delighted to talk to you.

*Study Harris Interactive for Strong Point, "Les Français et le click & collect", November 2017

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