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Posted on 11 July 2023 by Elise Vétois
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Payplug has unveiled its new communication campaign in a creative four-part web series. The aim is to embody the payment solution’s promise to its merchants and partners, as closely as possible to consumers' expectations.

Elena, Gabriel, Clara, David: four characters who have to make choices every day. They may seem like small details to you, but to us at Payplug, each choice means a lot. Are you ready to find out what's going on in the lives of our four everyday heroes?

Episode 1: Elena or how to start your own business?

Elena wants to conquer the world while holding on to her authenticity. Like her, take advantage of an uncompromising payment solution made in France, anywhere in Europe.

Payment methods tailored to your target markets.
High-performance tools for more conversion.

Episode 2: Gabriel or how to keep your style?

Gabriel doesn't compromise on style. Like him, keep yours with a payment page that reflects your personality while offering your customers’ preferred payment methods.

Smart fraud management for secure frictionless payments.
A seamless experience for you and your customers.

Episode 3: Clara or how to keep your balance?

Clara focuses on what really matters. Like her, optimise your time with a payment solution that combines support and expertise to guide you every day.

Day-to-day guidance to manage your business.
High-performance solutions that are easy-to-use.

Episode 4: David or how to make the most of every moment?

David wants to live his experiences to the fullest. Like him, don't compromise on yours and go for payments that are both secure and seamless.

Fine-tuned fraud management.
Smart tools to remove as much friction as possible.

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