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Cyril Blondel
Posted on 05 January 2018 by Cyril Blondel
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Be2bill continues its growth with €3.5bn of financial flows processed and always more innovations to help you optimise payment cinematics: “hosted fields” forms, refunds automation, machine learning, omnichannel payment, crossborder and marketplace.

2017: a new dimension

Our full services offer, chosen by the biggest merchants

  • €3.5bn flows processed: this strong growth, to be compared with €150m only 5 years ago, confirms that Be2bill is the most dynamic solution in France and the preferred choice of the biggest merchants!
  • 20 A/B tests won: this result acknowledges that our full services solution is the most competitive for maximising merchants’ turnover.
  • More than 30% of payment flows processed on an international and crossborder scale: Be2bill supports European merchants everywhere in the world, and attracts more and more key foreign accounts, such as, Autodoc and
  • A new record with €12.8M flows processed on a single day: you can develop your business with serenity, we know how to manage your sales peaks!


Innovations exclusively made for merchants!

  • Refunds automation for ALL alternative payment methods: this feature available in particular for Bancontact, Giropay, Multibanco, Sofort and iDEAL which do not natively allow refunds, enables to eliminate the form filling stage, reduce your processing time and streamline your clients’ journeys.
  • “Hosted fields” payment forms: benefit from the highest flexibility in your payment pages customization, without any compromise on security with PCI DSS compliance 100% supported by Be2bill.
  • Fully compliant solution for marketplaces: Be2bill designed an all-in-one solution to operate your marketplace compliantly and simply! This turnkey service has been developed thanks to our comprehensive control of financial flows, and our expertise in KYC and User Experience.
  • An omnichannel payment solution which opens up new possibilities: with a full control of data and a unique platform for all your transactions, Be2bill erases boundaries between offline and online. Thanks to our omnichannel platform, the men’s fashion company Bonne Gueule offers similar services on his website and in stores, like 3 instalment payments.
  • Machine Learning R&D for fraud prevention: the first feedbacks on machine learning algorithms in R&D have been very promising. They adapt 3-D Secure triggering automatically and in a smart way, while confining chargebacks and maximising conversion. The results are impressive, with 3D-Secure triggering rate divided by 4, and -24% of chargebacks!

2018: great challenges to address together!

Beyond new products and features, let’s take the opportunity of this 2017 overview to look at the major regulatory evolutions to come, on which we can support you.

  • Increased fees related to Visa Card Scheme: an impact is to be anticipated from April 2018 on the processing cost of some transactions, in particular for commercial cards on which we can advise specific cinematics configurations.
  • New strong authentication requirements in PSD2: these measures are applicable in 2019, and plan a systematic 3DS trigger for every transaction above €30. A real “conversion killer” which can be avoided only with a real-time risk analysis and if you have access, like Be2bill, to all payment data (issuer data, acquirer data, PSP data, merchants data).
  • Increased obligations on cardholders’ data: GDPR, the European regulation on data protection, comes into effect on 25th May 2018. Its impacts are thoroughly examined by our security experts.
  • Compliance with 2015/751 regulation which will give the cardholder the opportunity to choose the card network in case of co-branded cards: our full services and multi-scheme platform (multi-scheme interconnections, systematically backed-up) will help you set up the most effective payment flows thanks to rich and pertinent payment data. Thus, you control impacts on conversion rates and costs structure, without any complexity for users.

Ready to support your upcoming projects!

Our acquisition by Natixis gives us the means to go further alongside you, while keeping a full autonomy and our focus on merchants. We will continue to bring you customized support, agile and creative offers, which have concrete impacts on your results.

With Be2bill, prepare yourself to maximise your conversion rates, decrease your chargebacks, save time and have a trusted partner that will live up to your ambitions. Our utmost priority is to optimise your payments and defend your business challenges daily. You’re warned, you’ll love payments in 2018!

All our best wishes and excellent conversion rates!

The Be2bill team.

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