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  • Icon customization
    Payment pages that match your colors
    Our payment pages are seamlessly embeddable on desktop, tablets, and mobile devices, providing an easy-to-use shopping experience on all media. They can also be customized: logo, colors, background images...
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  • Icon one_clic payment
    One-click payment
    Offer your customers a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience by allowing them to save their credit card details upon their first checkout.
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  • icn_modes_integration_mobile
    3 possible integration modes
    You can test three ways to integrate your payment page and select the one ensuring the best conversion rate: an integrated page, a redirected page, or an integrated payment form, fully customized to meet your needs.
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  • icn_paiement_fractionne_mobile
    Installment and deferred payment
    New !
    Build customer loyalty by offering several payment options. Thanks to installment payments, transactions can be split in 2, 3, or 4; with deferred payment, your customers will be debited when the product is delivered, allowing you to manage your inventory more easily.
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  • icn_responsive_mobile
    Payment requests by e-mail / SMS
    Your customers are able to pay in just a few clicks by email or SMS via a single link to a secure payment page. All they have to do is to fill in their bank details. A convenient solution for telephone orders!
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Learn more about  page customization
Learn more about  one-click payment
Learn more about  payment forms
Learn more about  installment payment
Learn more about  payment requests

Reduce fraud with Smart 3-D Secure

In a single click, you can monitor the 3-D Secure. You can also activate our Smart 3-D Secure technology, already PDS2 compliant. It limits shopping cart abandonment by applying 3-D Secure only to the riskiest transactions.


The result?


50% reduction in fraud

8% increase of checkout conversion

Learn more about Smart 3-D Secure

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