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The benefits

Our PayPlug module has been available for WiziShop stores' since 2015. Easy to install in the platform's back-office, the module allows you to offer a great customer experience right to payment, by offering a personalised payment page in your brand’s colours.


Why choose Wizishop ?

2018 marks 10 years of successful partnerships between WiziShop and online retailers. The platform’s goals is to make online trading more accessible. One of the ways they do this, is to offer a wide range of simple to use features (over 385). It takes just 90 minutes to get your site up and running.

Wizishop is a turnkey solution offering both hosting and management of your site (configuration, adding products…) with a dedicated point of contact to answer all you questions.

WiziShop offers regular updates to provide an ever improved service to support you and your stores growth. The support team is there to answer your questions at no additional charge.

Try Wizishop for free for 15 days with no obligation!



Our module is very quick to install:

  • 1. Access the “Settings” tab on your WiziShop account
  • 2. Click “Add payment option”
  • 3. Search for PayPlug and select it
  • 4. Create your PayPlug account and follow the configuration steps.
  • 5. Select “Active” on the module configuration screen to start accepting payments with PayPlug!

Need help? Check out our Help Center.

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