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The benefits

With PayPlug and Wysifood you can manage your meal deliveries, collections, reservations and payments more efficiently.


Why choose Wysifood ?

Wysifood is an online solution designed especially for restaurants owners. Wysifood allows you to better manage meal deliveries, collections and reservations not only from your site, but also via Facebook! Customers can effortlessly pay for their orders online via their PC, phone or tablet.

What’s more, the application automatically allows for preparation time of your products and calculates time for delivery when suggesting delivery, pick-up and reservation times, so you can best respond to your customers requests.

With Wysifood you can also receive customer feedback regarding your products and services and monitor the performance of Adwords, Facebook and other marketing campaigns.




To install PayPlug on your Wysifood store follow these simple steps:

1) Create your PayPlug account

2) Contact the Wysifood team with your API key. You can find this key in the PayPlug interface in “Configuration > API Access”, you’ll need the Private LIVE Key.

  1. Need help? Check out our Help Center.

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