How did Archiduchesse increase its mobile sales with PayPlug?

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Archiduchesse was founded in 2009 by Patrice Cassard, to make socks fun and add a splash of colour to the day to day live of their wearers. The first product line was available in 40 colours!

Our partnership

When Camille Zamo took over the management of Archiduchesse in October 2016, she wanted to rejuvenate the brand by updating their online store, The CEO’s number one priority was updating the payment solution: “the payment platform wasn’t adapted for mobile, which is where the strong growth is”. Archiduchesse’s digital marketing agency, Axome, recommended PayPlug.

Camille Zamo particularly liked the ease of navigation of the PayPlug interface and the day to day features such as looking up invoices or managing refunds. "We use PayPlug almost everyday and it lets us find quickly everything we’re looking for.”

Since the implementation of PayPlug, Camille has been able to try out different features such as the Smart 3-D secure and different types of payment page integration. She regularly monitors and compares the results to maximise her sales. “We recently integrated the payment page directly on our site and it’s a real step up for our brand”.

How would Camille Zamo sum-up PayPlug in a sentence ? “Dynamic, simple and ‘made in France!"

I’d recommend PayPlug to all merchants who want to start an online shop!

Camille Zamo Archiduchesse
Camille Zamo

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