How PayPlug simplifies installment payments for ECF CERCA

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The Ecole de Conduite Française (ECF) is the leading network of driving schools in France. It groups together about a hundred independent companies, including ECF CERCA, the largest in terms of turnover and geographical scope, since it covers 15 departments in the Centre-Atlantique region.

Our partnership

Since 2017, ECF CERCA has offered its students the possibility of booking and paying for their training courses online via their MyRoad space. Nicolas Betton, Deputy Director General, was keen for students to be able to split their payments: "it is absolutely necessary, as we are dealing with amounts that can range from €1,300 to €2,000".

To choose his payment solution, he turned to his Banque Populaire advisor, who recommended PayPlug. "It's a simple and innovative solution that perfectly meets their need to offer installment payment", according to Fabien Bureau, Business Branch Manager at BPACA.

In 2021, ECF CERCA integrated PayPlug on its platform and activated PayLater, our guaranteed split payment feature. "As the payment is guaranteed, we receive the full amount directly on our account" explains Nicolas. "The management of due dates and unpaid invoices is handled by Oney".

Today, 38% of payments on MyRoad are made in installments! ECF CERCA also uses PayPlug to accept cash payments on its site. "This way, all our payments are gathered in the same dashboard, which allows us to make unified accounting exports".

PayPlug makes online payment easy, whether in cash or in installments.

Nicolas Betton
Managing Director of ECF CERCA

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