How Kerzon became a 100% omnichannel brand thanks to PayPlug

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Pierre-Alexis Delaplace and his brother Etienne created Kerzon in 2013. They offer natural alternatives to daily care, whether for the body or for the home. Today, the shop adopts an omnichannel strategy, since its distribution is based on three different channels: wholesale, a store and an e-commerce site. 

Our collaboration

Before 2020, Pierre-Alexis was using the payment solution proposed by his bank, but it generated friction at the payment stage: between refused transactions and cart abandonments, the loss of conversion for the site was important.

He then turned to PayPlug and was seduced by the features offered, particularly the responsive and customizable payment page. He integrated our payment module for PrestaShop himself: within the hour, he received his first payments.

"Thanks to PayPlug we've halved our cart abandonment ratet with payment attempts" explains Pierre-Alexis. "We also have far fewer after-sales requests".

On top of that he uses PayPlug payment terminals in-store, which are connected to his cash register Kerawen, as well as our payment links to make sales by email or SMS.

Regardless of the channel used for buying, Pierre-Alexis can track all transactions in the same back office: "it simplifies the management of refunds, but also of our cash flow, since the funds can be transferred to our bank account within 24 hours".

PayPlug allows us to be 100% omnichannel, until the payment phase.

Pierre Alexis Delaplace
Pierre-Alexis Delaplace
Kerzon co-founder

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