How Laudate gets 14% more sales by phone thanks to payment links

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Since 2011, Laudate offers jewelry such as baptismal medals, wedding rings and signet rings to accompany men and women in important moments of their lives. All these jewelry are made with real know-how and in an artisanal way for the best possible quality. Laudate now has four physical shops in Paris, Lyon, Nantes and Versailles, in addition to its e-commerce website. 

Our collaboration

Christian Cantale, CEO of Laudate, decided to use PayPlug after his web agency presented him with the solution. His goal was to improve the conversion rate of his website by optimizing the customer path, especially at the payment stage. "I've been immediately convinced by PayPlug, especially by the payment page which really looks great and is mobile-friendly." In addition, the integration of the module to the PrestaShop website was really easy. 

Thanks to PayPlug, Christian also discovered a feature that positively impacts the company's sales: the payment request. "This solution is frequently used by our in-store salesman, especially for click & collect orders" Christian says. "They can make a sale during a call with a customer just by sending him/her a payment link by email or text." He just has to fill his/her banking card datas on a secured payment page.

On top of this, Christian decided to deploy PayPlug's payment terminals in Laudate’s points of sales. Thanks to this, he can follow all the payments received on the same back-office, regardless of the channel used for the purchase. "With PayPlug, all operations are extremely simplified" he explains, whether for accounting exports or refunds. 

"Payment links are reassuring both for our customers and for us."

Christian Cantale
CEO of Laudate

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