How does Le Colonel Moutarde extend the customer experience?

Le Colonel Moutarde
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Le Colonel Moutarde

Le Colonel Moutarde is a bowtie brand created by Rémi Duboquet and Clémence Yon, sold both online at and also in their stores in Lille, Paris and London.

Our partnership

From the offset, the founders of Le Colonel Moutarde have been selling their products online. “Nowadays, digital is key, more than 50% of our sales are through our e-commerce site”.

The Le Colonel Moutarde team approached PayPlug because they were looking for a simpler payment management interface. "We didn’t understand much of our previous management interface”.

The story that Clémence Yon likes to tell, is that only 30 seconds after installing PayPlug, the store received an order via card payment through the solution. “PayPlug has completely simplified our e-commerce strategy!” It’s thanks to our PayPlug module, downloadable from PrestaShop, that the store was able to accept payments so quickly through our solution.

Clémence Yon is pleased to be able to manage payments simply on a day to day basis. “We have a clear view of that’s happening in real time. It only takes 10 seconds to refund a customer! She also knows that she can contact the PayPlug team if needs be. “If I ever have a question, I know I can always count on my account manager at PayPlug”.

The bonus of PlayPlug according to Clémence Yon? The ability to adapt the level of security according to the level of risk of each transaction. “Our customers are no longer put off before finalising their order, which means we can get an increased conversion rate”.

It’s important that clients stay immersed in our brand up to the end, that’s what makes them want to come back!

Clémence Yon Le Colonel Moutarde
Clémence Yon

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