How does Les Fleurs de Nicolas manage to be fraud-free?

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Les Fleurs de Nicolas

The first ambition of the Fleurs de Nicolas shop was to become the first e-merchant to produce the flowers sold on its site. And it's done! Today, they control the entire chain, from production to sale, which allows them to "guarantee extra fresh flowers delivered less than 24 hours after cutting".

Our collaboration

Mathilde Bigot,  Assistant Manager, was looking for an efficient payment solution to fight against fraud. She finally chose PayPlug: "we had about ten, sometimes fifteen frauds per day. It's important to know that websites selling flowers and gifts are the favourite target of fraudsters".

Before using PayPlug, the shop had to choose between security and conversion: by applying 3-D Secure to all transactions, it necessarily increased the number of abandoned baskets. Mathilde remembers: "we had to deal with manual techniques: for orders over €100, we called the buyers to check that they had not entered false numbers, but this was very time-consuming".

With PayPlug, Mathilde discovered Smart 3-D Secure, our intelligent anti-fraud tool. "Since we implemented PayPlug, we have gone from 10 frauds per day to 0. We can say that the objective has been reached!". Mathilde particularly appreciates being able to test different levels, in a completely autonomous way.

PayPlug? It's safe, powerful and easy.

Mathilde Les Fleurs de Nicolas
Mathilde Bigot
Assistant Manager

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