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Les Savons de Joya

Founded in 2016 and based in Calvados, the Les Savons de Joya store was founded from Maria Vaz de Oliveira’s passion for reducing waste. The e-commerce site offers 100% natural soaps sold without packaging.

Our partnership

Maria was looking for a new reliable and simplified payment solution because her initial payment system for the store wasn’t stable. “I was looking for something simple, which wouldn’t take up a lot of my time”.

Of all the solutions Maria looked at, PayPlug was the one that grabbed her attention, because of the deals on offer. “I realised that I could save a month’s salary if I chose PayPlug”. Maria also liked the support that she had during the set-up of PayPlug, and the ease with which she was able to install PayPlug in her PrestaShop store. “It took just a couple of clicks to create a PayPlug account, upload the required documents and download the PayPlug module through PrestaShop”.   

Founder, Maria, knows she can count on our team everyday to help her make the most of our solution to help her store grow. “I really felt like I could count on them. For a startup like ours it’s very important to feel supported in order to feel confident in business!”

As well as proposing clear and secure accounting features, PayPlug understand the importance of human interaction.

Maria Vaz de Oliveira Les Savons de Joya
Maria Vaz de Oliveira

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