How Rapid Flyer simplifies payments on its website


Rapid Flyer
Year of creation
Transactions by credit card
8,5M €
2021 Turnover

Rapid Flyer 

Rapid Flyer was created in 2003 by the Kali Communication group: it's the first 100% French online printing website. They offer various printable products ranging from flyers to posters, stands and flags.

Our collaboration 

Customer satisfaction and user experience (UX) are top priorities for Rapid Flyer. That's why they migrated to Sylius, an open source solution dedicated to the creation of custom e-commerce sites.

The brand E-commerce Manager, Thomas Redregoo, chose PayPlug to accept payments on the new website: "95% of our customers use their credit card to pay for their purchases. When we migrated our site to Sylius, the PayPlug payment module appeared to be the best choice”. 

Rapid Flyer regularly uses the payment links to complete customers’ orders or to make up for payment failures: "the PayPlug back-office enables us to instantly identify the reason for these failures: we can then explain to our customer what happened and send him a payment request via SMS so that he can finalize his purchase”. In the near future, Thomas plans to use this feature for the payment of his quotes and invoices.

What he also appreciates about PayPlug is the customizable payment page: "I can add a background image and change the colors so that the customer remains in the Rapid Flyer brand universe".

When Thomas chose PayPlug, he knew that our solution was compatible with PSD2: "we didn’t have any problem of failed payments, like those we had experienced in February when the directive started to apply to transactions over 500€".

We have good results with PayPlug, which means that the payment is smooth.

Thomas Redregoo
E-commerce manager 

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