How has SEAGALE increased its average basket by 12%

Year of creation
Average basket growth


SEAGALE is a technical clothing brand created by Matthieu Rivory and Bertrand Durand-Gasselin in 2014. Like any DNVB, it started online before embarking on the adventure of omnichannel, relying on PayPlug to manage its payments.

Our collaboration

SEAGALE has had three different payment providers since its creation: "first our bank, which did not offer a satisfactory payment experience, and then an American payment solution" says Matthieu. 

In 2018, he was contacted by the PayPlug team: "I immediately appreciated this human contact, and the fact that it was a French payment solution".

SEAGALE installed PayPlug by using its API, in order to get a payment form integrated to the order page: "this enabled us to have no more friction at the payment stage, and to increase our average basket of 12% in four years!"

PayPlug was able to support SEAGALE for the opening of its first store, thanks to its payment terminals offer: "we thus have a single dashboard gathering all our payments, whether they come from the web or the physical shop". From the PayPlug portal, Matthieu also has the possibility to extract unified accounting exports.

SEAGALE particularly appreciates the payment request feature: it enables them to meet the demands of customers who have just validated their order but who want to add an item. "We can send them a payment link via email or SMS so they can pay for the extra with one click". 

PayPlug and SEAGALE both have a made in France and customer-centric DNA.
Matthieu Rivory
Co-founder of SEAGALE

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