Why did Shanty Biscuits chose a french payment solution?

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Shanty Biscuits

Since 2013, Shanty Baehrel has been selling personalised biscuits on its website shantybiscuits.com. The idea came to her by chance, after receiving a cookie stamp for her birthday. Thanks to her customers' recommendations and her popularity on Instagram, the brand quickly became known.

Our partnership

Shanty followed the advice of Clémence Yon, CEO of the website Colonel Moutarde, and inquired about PayPlug. "At Shanty Biscuits, we are keen to work with French companies, so it was a real plus for us" she says.

In October 2019, Laurent Mulliez, CEO of the brand, installed PayPlug on their Shopify website: "we are very satisfied with this platform, and we were looking for a payment solution that was as complete as it is".

Laurent uses deferred payment on a daily basis to capture transactions once he is sure that he can meet his customers' demands. This is an important feature for the shop, which only produces to order.

For the same reason, he likes to receive his PayPlug balance on the company's bank account every day. "The daily transfer makes it much easier for us to manage our cash flow," he explains.

Laurent is regularly in contact with his account manager, who sends him detailed statistical reports: "it enables us to have a different analysis from ours, about our sales trends for example".

According to Laurent, "PayPlug looks like Shanty Biscuits: it's personalised, because we can customise the payment page, and you can feel that behind this solution there are dynamic, young teams who are really listening to us".

Behind PayPlug, there are dynamic teams who are really listening to us!

Shanty Baehrel
Founder of Shanty Biscuits
Laurent Mulliez

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