How Tajinebanane improved its mobile payment experience

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Tajinebane offers pretty clothes for mums who want to breastfeed their babies with style, in complete discretion. Founded in 2018 by Alison and Marvin Cavaille, the shop has experienced rapid success: in one year, it recorded 800% growth!

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Marvin decided to change their payment solution when they redesigned the website. "As we are Caisse d'Epargne customers, we asked our banker for advice, and it presented us PayPlug" he recalls.

Marvin was seduced by the variety of features, the simplicity of the module, and the costs per transaction which were more interesting than with their former solution.

What he particularly likes about PayPlug is the mobile user experience. "The payment page is responsive, the type of card is automatically detected, and a numeric keypad appears when the customer enters his or her credit card number", he explains. Thanks to these optimisations, the share of mobile in the shop's sales has risen from 60% to 75%.

In addition, with the PayPlug back-office, Marvin can find out the cause of payment failures (card limit reached, wrong number), download his accounting reports in a few clicks, and send payment links by e-mail to his customers so that they can pay their purchases outside the site. He also appreciates the responsive support in French.

It's great to have someone on the phone who knows our business and can advise us.

marvin cavaille
Marvin Cavaille
Tajinebanane co-founder

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