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The benefits

With PayPlug, be ready to accept card payments on your BoutikOne store in under 2 minutes with no fixed fees or contractual obligations.


Why choose BoutikOne ?

BoutikOne’s e-commerce solution gives you access to the modules you need to make your online store work for you, be it selling goods or services to businesses or the general public. Their simple back office interface means there’s no need for any technical skills to manage your store!

To get started you just need to place your order through their site and your store will be created in the following 24 hours. You can then choose the plan that suits you best, the user licence on its own if you already have a web hosting solution, the BoutikOne pack if you need a turnkey solution or their Premium pack if you want a highly customisable solution.

The bonus of the CMS ? BoutikOne is your licence owner so you don’t have to pay monthly licence fees. The license allows you to sell an unlimited amount of products.



Your BoutikOne point of contact will take care of everything.

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