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The benefits

With Rapidle and PayPlug, your customers will have a streamlined and pleasant journey right through to payment on their mobile phone.


Why choose Rapidle ?

If you’re the owner of a fastfood restaurant, a caterer or even a florist, Rapidle is the solution for you! With Rapidle, your customers can purchase your products through their phone using the Rapidle app, so they can pick them up at the counter without having to queue up.

Rapidle can even help you create special deals for your customers and receive payment via a customer account, which allows you to set up a loyalty scheme. Rapidle has witnessed a 40% increase in returning customers by using this system.

If you would like to double check that the location of your store is suited to this sales system, contact the Rapidle team to receive a free analysis.




To add PayPlug to your Rapidle store, contact their team directly.

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